CougarCast: BYU Sports Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh chat about BYU Sports.

December 14, 2017  

Keith and Tosh talk about the different angles and challenges of the renewal of the basketball Holy War rivalry.

November 23, 2017  

Happy Thanksgiving! Another season comes to conclusion this Saturday. This year, it is mercifully over. Join Tosh and Keith as they discuss whether or not it matters if BYU stops Diocemy Saint Juste if they can't score any points. Then they talk about whether or not the result of the Hawai'i game should have any implication on potential offseason changes. Plus, Tosh loves pie but has a weird bias against Sweet Potato Pie.

November 16, 2017  

BYU welcomes the Minutemen of UMass to LaVell Edwards Stadium. Can the Cougars pick up a win on Senior Day? Tosh and Keith break it down.

November 14, 2017  

Keith and Tosh discuss what is a "show me" week for BYU Hoops. 

November 10, 2017  

Keith and Tosh discuss the 2017 BYU Hoops season. We know that the Cougars are without Eric Mika. Are they also going to be without Nick Emery? Also, can BYU avoid losing to the teams they are better than?

November 8, 2017  

Tosh and Keith continue to decipher the issues with BYU Football's disappointing season. Can BYU cover up their deficiencies enough to get a win on the road -- without their starting quarterback?

November 2, 2017  

Tosh and Keith are jacked! The Cougars has beaten an FBS opponent! Now, the Fresno State Bulldogs.

October 26, 2017  

Last week, BYU lost it’s “jobber vs. jobber” match against East Carolina. That’s right, Iron Mike Sharpe won! This week, BYU gets another crack at a college football jobber, San Jose State University. This Saturday, Barry Horowitz vs. the Brooklyn Brawler — Card Not Subject To Change (unfortunately).

Even still, the energy and passion is still burning inside Tosh and Keith. These longtime friends who bond over BYU sports can still find a way to build on that friendship even in the dark times of BYU football. Take the time to enjoy their conversation about the Cougars before they take on the Spartans.

In this episode of CougarCast:

  • The role scheduling may have played in the loss to East Carolina. (1:35)
  • The role poor game-planning played in the loss to East Carolina. (3:40)
  • The role game-planning will play against San Jose State. (6:25)
  • A pro-style offense relies on rhythm and timing to be effective. (8:30)
  • What was behind BYU’s 4th quarter 212-yard passing explosion last week? (10:30)
  • Kalani Sitake has indicated that BYU will start playing “aggressive” football. (14:30)
  • The anatomy of the 2017 San Jose State Spartans football team. (15:30)
  • SJSU LB Frank Ginda and Safety Ethan Aguayo are tackling machines! (17:00)
  • The emotional state of San Jose State could be slightly better than BYU at this point of the season. (18:30)
  • The struggling BYU defense. (21:20)
  • Tosh’s great comparison of BYU’s 2017 trajectory in terms of English Soccer. And the implications of the Cougars standing in the overall college football landscape, and within the fanbase. (22:30)
  • BYU’s off-field woes. (24:10)
  • The role of that fans in the stands will play during the SJSU-BYU game. (29:50)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions. (33:40)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions. (34:45)
  • Listener email: Quality of players, game plan, execution of game plan, and morale — what percentage of those 4 factors contribute to the troubles of BYU football this season? (36:30)
October 18, 2017  

In this episode:

  • Ball security problems for the Cougars have been a huge part of the rough start. (2:30)
  • BYU’s failure to have successful kickoff returns. (6:06)
  • Which BYU Football player has exceeded expectations? (9:30)
  • Which BYU Football player has regressed in 2017? (10:00)
  • East Carolina team and game preview (12:40)
  • ECU QB Thomas Sirk presents a difficult problem for BYU’s secondary especially when targeting Davon Grayson. (13:20)
  • Watching for “Body Blow Theory” for BYU following a game against a SEC team and the 2nd consecutive week on a cross-country road trip. (15:05)
  • The different reasons for why BYU is 1-6 and why ECU is 1-6. (15:50)
  • Can BYU survive a game that might be a “shoot-out?” (17:15)
  • Tosh’s incredible analogy — the “jobber” vs “jobber” matchup. (20:20)
  • Ten for Tosh! (22:00)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions (31:15)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions (33:25)
October 13, 2017  

Keith discusses the historically bad run that BYU Football is on. Especially when it comes to passing the ball. Keith discusses how the Cougars get worse as the game goes on and how most every other team in the country has an offensive system that could pass for 200 yards with an average of 28.6 pass attempts in a game. Then, a look into the trouble looming from recruits flipping to the University of Utah. Plus, a discussion about the role of experience for a coaching staff.


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