CougarCast: BYU Sports Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh chat about BYU Sports.

October 18, 2017  

In this episode:

  • Ball security problems for the Cougars have been a huge part of the rough start. (2:30)
  • BYU’s failure to have successful kickoff returns. (6:06)
  • Which BYU Football player has exceeded expectations? (9:30)
  • Which BYU Football player has regressed in 2017? (10:00)
  • East Carolina team and game preview (12:40)
  • ECU QB Thomas Sirk presents a difficult problem for BYU’s secondary especially when targeting Davon Grayson. (13:20)
  • Watching for “Body Blow Theory” for BYU following a game against a SEC team and the 2nd consecutive week on a cross-country road trip. (15:05)
  • The different reasons for why BYU is 1-6 and why ECU is 1-6. (15:50)
  • Can BYU survive a game that might be a “shoot-out?” (17:15)
  • Tosh’s incredible analogy — the “jobber” vs “jobber” matchup. (20:20)
  • Ten for Tosh! (22:00)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions (31:15)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions (33:25)
October 13, 2017  

Keith discusses the historically bad run that BYU Football is on. Especially when it comes to passing the ball. Keith discusses how the Cougars get worse as the game goes on and how most every other team in the country has an offensive system that could pass for 200 yards with an average of 28.6 pass attempts in a game. Then, a look into the trouble looming from recruits flipping to the University of Utah. Plus, a discussion about the role of experience for a coaching staff.

October 5, 2017  

Tosh and Keith chop up the loss to the Aggies. Plus, they give a surprising preview of the matchup against the Boise State Broncos.

September 29, 2017  

The Cougars head up to Logan to take on the Aggies. This game is so important to BYU it is wild.

Keith flies solo this week. However, he was invited to be on the Full Court Press on KVNU -- The Home of the Aggies -- in Logan, Utah. Listen to their interview of him! 

Thanks to KVNU to letting CougarCast use their audio for the podcast.

September 20, 2017  

Tosh and Keith discuss the terrible and disasterous start the 2017 season. They answer a listeners email. Then dive into a strong evaluation about the new coaching staff. In particular, the remainder of 2017 gives a chance for Cougar fans to learn a ton about Kalani Sitake and his staff.

September 13, 2017  

Tosh and Keith are finally back in the same room together podcasting!

This week, they discuss the struggle to beat the Utes, and the struggle to move the football.

Then they look at the matchup against the talented and tough #10 Wisconsin Badgers.

September 7, 2017  

A podcast spanning around the world! 

First, Keith discusses the LSU loss and the BYU offensive issues. The Cougars can remedy a lot of their problems if they can start to confuse the opposing defenses.

Second, Tosh breaks down the Utah players to watch. Then outline the keys to a BYU victory over their rival.

Last, Keith discusses the problem of fans potentially negatively affecting the Cougars.

Go Cougars!

September 2, 2017  

This week Tosh flies solo for the first time ever! Literally post-concussion, Tosh explains why BYU might be catching LSU at the perfect time, whether he is scared of LSU's QB, and talks about the importance of an early Cougar lead. 

August 25, 2017  

The 2017 BYU Football season is set to kickoff against the Portland State Vikings!

This week, Keith's Dad, Dr. Steven Shirts, joins his son in discussing what to expect in the opening game of the season. What are reasonable expectations for the Cougars performance on Saturday? 

Also, they play are round of BYU Football Trivia. The question: 12 BYU Quarterbacks have started in a Bowl Game victory. Name them.

Tosh was unable to be on this week's podcast as he was injured in a 4-wheeler accident. He is fine and recovering. but I'm sure could use your good thoughts and well wishes. Tweet at Tosh (@LehighRoller) to wish him well. 

Go Cougars!

August 16, 2017  

Tosh and Keith break down the oncoming week-by-week journey the Cougars will take during 2017. They make their predictions on the wins and losses. Finally, they discuss the perennial "problem" of being an 8 or 9-win program.


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