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August 9, 2017  

CougarCast is back from their summer hiatus!

Catch up with Tosh and Keith as they discuss the upcoming BYU Football season. In particular, what specific BYU Football thing they’ve talked themselves into the most. For Keith, it is Tanner Mangum. For Tosh, it is the rise of a dominant offensive line.

In this episode:

  • The offseason for BYU Cougars Football is also suspension season. So far, all is quiet. (2:14)
  • Keith is “All-In on Tanner Mangum.” (3:25)
  • Where does Tanner Mangum need to improve the most this season? (7:00)
  • Besides Mangum, which skill position players are you most confident in? (9:05)
  • BYU Tight End Matt Bushman (10:45)
  • BYU Wide Receiver Jonah Trinnaman (13:30)
  • Tosh feels that BYU’s offensive line is going to be the “difference maker” in 2017. (21:00)
  • Ty Detmer’s plan for the offensive line. (26:30)
  • BYU Kicker Rhett Almond and Punter Johnny Linehan (28:00)
February 2, 2017  

Keith gives a in depth statistical look at the BYU vs. Gonzaga matchup.

February 1, 2017  

Tosh and Keith report on how BYU's 2017 recruiting class shaped up.

January 24, 2017  

Keith and Tosh talk about Eric Mika, Nick Emery, Dave Rose's coaching, and the "hot seat."

January 10, 2017  

This week, the BYU Cougars basketball team take on San Francisco and San Diego. The Y looked overmatched against the nationally ranked Saint Mary's Gaels. What was the difference? Tosh and Keith give their insights into Dave Rose's decision making. Plus, has Elijah Bryant been put into an impossible possition?

January 6, 2017  

Tosh was lucky enough to be neighbors with LaVell Edwards. He shares his memories about his friend. Keith marvels over the unlikely rise of major college football at BYU. Thank you to LaVell Edwards!

January 4, 2017  

Keith and Tosh talk Gaels vs. Cougars and wonder if BYU is playing a style of ball that matches their strengths.

December 20, 2016  

In this episode:

  • What’s at stake during the 2016 Poinsettia Bowl? (1:30)
  • Does winning the bowl game actually impact recruiting? (3:34)
  • Where would a victory over Wyoming rank among BYU wins this season? (5:45)
  • Wyoming’s big wins this season. (7:30)
  • Which BYU loss stands out the most to you this season? (8:25)
  • Wyoming’s All-American running back Brian Hill provides a big challenge for the Cougars 9th ranked rush defense. (9:30)
  • Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen will eclipse 3,000 yards this season during the bowl game while targeting wide receiver Tanner Gentry. (10:25)
  • Wyoming is not a complete football team. (11:35)
  • BYU’s offense has been the weak unit for the Cougars, Wyoming’s defense has been the weak unit for the Cowboys. Who can cover up their weakness better? (13:00)
  • Strength vs. Strength. Wyoming Cowboys Offense vs. BYU Cougars Defense (16:10)
  • How much will special teams come into play? (19:25)
  • Will Aleva Hifo ever be a #1 receiver? His 5.3 yards per reception mark the 2nd lowest total of any wide receiver in the NCAA. (24:00)
  • Ten for Tosh! (29:55)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions (43:20)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions (43:38)
December 12, 2016  

After 10 games in the 2016-17 BYU Cougars basketball season, the Y is 7-3. It is the 5th straight season that BYU has opened at 7-3. In each of the last five seasons, BYU has firmly been on the bubble at season’s end. Is this campaign destined to hold the form of recent Cougar teams and result in a nervous watch on Selection Sunday? Or can Dave Rose’s young and talented squad find the consistency in performance and competitive energy to buck the trend?

In this episode:

  • The loss to Utah Valley is the defining game of the season at this point. (3:00)
  • Outside of Eric Mika, which newcomer has been the most impactful? (5:50)
  • Is this the latest in the season that Dave Rose has been without having a clear, defined approach about how his group can play winning basketball? (7:35)
  • Is BYU better equipped to play more half court offense than transition? (9:45)
  • The “Jimmer Effect” on the 2016-17 basketball team. (12:35)
  • Where the inexperience on this team is exhibited. (14:25)
  • BYU is destined to be on the bubble. (17:00)
  • BYU should have veterans, leadership and better role players on this team, but they have transferred. Players like Isaac Neilson, Frank Bartley, Jordan Chatman, and others would have helped the Y this season. (18:05)
  • Is BYU better equipped to play man-to-man defense or zone defense? (27:45)
  • BYU’s front court players look more comfortable than the guard line. (30:45)
  • What will BYU’s record be against St. Mary’s and Gonzaga this season? What will BYU’s record be against the other 7 WCC teams? (37:35)


November 15, 2016  

This Saturday, the 6-4 BYU Cougars take on the 2-8 Massachusetts Minutemen. It will be a showcase of a classic stable of college football — an independent vs. independent clash on the gridiron.

Tosh and Keith discuss what to watch out for when the men of Provo will be challenged by the men of Amherst.

In this episode:

  • Watching position battles for the 2017 season. (5:50)
  • BYU CB Michael Davis has quietly moved down the BYU depth chart. He is now tied with Dayan Lake on the 2-deep. (6:48)
  • BYU’s margin of victory only matters if you are making bets in Vegas. (9:00)
  • Ten for Tosh! (12:45)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions, and thing he’s hoping to witness on Saturday. (23:55)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions, and what he’s hoping for. (25:50)
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