CougarCast: BYU Sports Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh chat about BYU Sports.

February 26, 2016  

In this episode of CougarCast:

(1:00) Reasons why Saturday is a big game.
(6:52) Why you shouldn't feel confident because BYU won in Spokane
(10:23) Dave Rose's move to small ball
(17:42) Who's the best big man to play in the small ball lineups?
(19:57) What's going on with Jamal Aytes?
(23:36) The problem with small ball vs. Gonzaga
(30:50) WCC Player of the Year is on the line Saturday
(34:38) BYU Football reports that they saved $300,000 by busing to the Las Vegas Bowl
(43:45) Bronco Mendenhall cites football independence for his reason for leaving
(44:55) Mendenhall also cryptically said that his circumstances changed late in the 2015 season. Keith tells you what that change was.
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